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Why do you need a deposit?

Your non refundable deposit enters you into an agreement with your artist. Our end of the deal is that we will put in the hours of preparation for your tattoo, and we turn away other people that would like your time slot. We show up prepared at that time and place to do your specific design on you in particular. Your end of the deal is showing up on time ready to be tattooed.

In this contract, bullshit is prohibited. Your deposit will be forfeited if you commit the act of bullshitting.

Acts of bullshittery: changing your subject matter after consultation, requiring more than one design revision, rescheduling within 48 hours of your appointment, rescheduling more than once, cancelling your appointment, showing up more than 30 minutes late, showing up sick, drunk, high, stinky or pregnant. Not showing up at all, showing up with your kids, showing up with someone else’s kids. Leaving your deposit with us for over one year.

Deposits are $105 for most tattoos. Large or complicated tattoos require a larger deposit. Deposits are required for ALL appointments. Your deposit will come off the LAST appointment of your tattoo.

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