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Common Questions From Our Clients

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Can I bring my friends, pets or kids?

We ask you come to your appointment alone, unless everyone in your party is getting a tattoo that day.  If you do want to bring a friend please ask beforehand. We are a small studio so we need to be mindful of other artists working. No children or pets allowed unless they are certified in the prevention of cross contamination and handling bloodborne pathogens.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

-Make sure you get a good sleep the night before.

-Clear your schedule the day of your appointment. We don’t need you hurried, late and frazzled. Don’t have another appointment planned after your tattoo. Unless you’d like a rushed or incomplete tattoo.

-Eat a good meal before an hour or two before your appointment. Low blood sugar levels during your tattoo could cause dizziness and fainting.

-Have a shower. Don’t come straight from your stinky job.

-Don’t drink too much caffeine, you have to hold still for a long time.

-If you are sick or injured, reschedule your appointment. We need your immune system focusing as much as possible on healing your tattoo.

-Wear loose fitting, expandable, comfortable clothing. We might get ink on whatever you wear, so make sure it’s dark and you’re not attached to it. A zip up hoodie can be very versatile, and double as a pillow or blanket.

-Bring sunglasses. You might have a light in your face if your tattoo is up high.

-Bring water and a snack for longer sessions.

-Don’t bring people. Even after the pandemic, you can only bring one person. If you really need them, maybe. Ask your artist.

-Do not use Apple Maps to find us. They will send you to the corresponding address on EAST Columbia (Which is a hospital). We are on plain ol’ regular Columbia St.

Can I get touch ups on my new tattoo?

Touch ups are like a warranty on your new tattoo. It is usually done within one year of completion of your new tattoo. As much as you want your tattoo to look as awesome as possible, we want our work to be represented as best as it can be. 


Sometimes after your tattoo heals, your tattoo might require a touch up. This is usually caused by something in it that didn’t heal very well, for example some colour didn’t stick, a line or two might have dropped out. 


This is done within reason. If you were negligent while you were healing your tattoo it will be obvious to your artist and of course you will be charged for any touch ups. Tattoos fade with age, therefore anything over a year wouldn’t be determined as a touch up. We ask that you wait at least 6 weeks for your tattoo so fully heal before tattooing the area again. Some artists may charge for material cost for the touch up which could range from $40-$100.  For work on hands and feet, artists charge regular rates for touch ups since these areas generally do not heal well. Some artists may not charge at all depending on the size and cost of the piece. This is determined by each individual artist as they are all contractors of ROYAL ANCHOR TATTOO and will explain to you at the end of your tattoo session their touch up policy. 

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

You’ve got to be at least 18 to get tattooed. No one under 18, not even with parental permission.

Do you do piercing?


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